Integrative Hypnosis: An 8 day Intensive

Integrative Hypnosis: An 8 day Intensive

This multi-level online course is comprehensive, fun and fascinating. It was filmed during an eight day certification training of Melissa’s Integrative Hypnosis course and is broken down in easy to navigate chapters for repeated learning. It is an integration of advanced techniques in rapid change work that utilizes the most current research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine. You will learn many ways to guide healing and trance-formation on the cognitive, emotional, biochemical and energetic level.

Viewers will learn the many ways of inducing hypnosis from progressive relaxation to rapid inductions, and how to utilize trance to make fast and generative changes in themselves and their clients. Melissa teaches a blend of Ericksonian and classical hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology.

The course includes training in conversational hypnosis,advanced regression therapies, medical hypnosis, behavioral modification, emotional release and rapid self-hypnosis. Indirect and direct approaches are taught along with how and when to use therapeutic metaphors.

Students will learn how to tailor each session to the individual client and how to use and teach techniques to help clients with the various issues they bring to your office.
This class costs $1,950. to attend live but you can have the whole training for just $425.

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Integrative Hypnosis: An 8 day Intensive $425 Video Only Price
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