Live Training

Live Training

This multi-level course is comprehensive, fun and fascinating. It is an integration of advanced techniques in rapid change work that utilizes the most current research in neuroscience, Epigenetics and mind/body medicine. You will learn to guide healing and trance-formation on the cognitive, emotional, biochemical and energetic level.

Students will learn the many ways of inducing hypnosis and how to utilize trance to make fast and generative changes in themselves and their clients. Melissa teaches a blend of Ericksonian and classical hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Practical Neuroscience. There is a strong focus on teaching clients to rewire their habituated patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior and using memory reconsolidation to change early primes.

The live training is highly experiential and you will practice, practice, practice the techniques so they become the foundation for creating artful in the moment hypnotic interactions.

Some of what you will learn:

• The art of multi-level communication
• Priming the unconscious mind
• Conversational Dynamic Trance-Work
• Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
• Creative Hypnotic Inductions
• The Meta Pattern of Change
• Pattern Interrupts to rewire the brain
• Bi-Lateral Stimulation
• Vagus Nerve Regulation
• Coherence and heart rate variability
• Memory reconsolidation
• Cognitive/kinesthetic restructuring
• Epigenetics and neurogenesis
• Conscious/Unconscious dissociation
• Spatial and temporal language patterns
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Rapid self hypnosis templates
• Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
• Time line techniques
• Setting, changing and eliciting internal anchors
• Submodality manipulation
• Somatic strategies for unconscious release
• Reimprinting and implicit memory manipulation
• Meridian based techniques
• Unconscious biases, filters and heuristics
• Hypnotic story telling and therapeutic metaphors
• Inductive and deductive attention shifting
• Core state transformation
• Emotive journeying process
• Regression and progression approaches
• Parts integration
• Pseudo orientation in time
• Open focus brain induction
• Revivification
• Pain management techniques
• Anti-anxiety approaches
• Procrastination elimination
• Motivational strategies for goal setting
• Insomnia relief
• Craving busters
• Internal dialogue manipulations
• Fast tracking meditation practice
• Pseudo double inductions
• Mirror neurons and resonance
• Right brain calibration
• Non linear language patterns
• Visual/kinesthetic dissociation for phobias
• The art of reframing
• De-nominalizing constructs
• Generative change and flow
• Expanded awareness

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