“Her influence has transformed the way I practice psychiatry”

Anthony J. Tranguch, M.D., Phd.

Melissa exudes humour, confidence, care and a spirit of creativity.

Melissa exudes humour, confidence, care and a spirit of creativity. And she frequently uses them to her advantage in delightful ways. A genuine pleasure to watch an expert at work.
Graham Old, Author/Hypnotherapist

Melissa’s training changed my life. Literally.

Melissa's training changed my life. Literally. Within 5 minutes of meeting Melissa she had led me to let go of a long standing issue. Before I trained with Melissa I was already an NLP Master Practitioner, but I was under the impression that hypnosis, NLP and other change work was essentially a series of unrelated exercises or patterns to put a client through. She opened my eyes (while closing them) to the integrative nature of all these disciplines. Take Melissa's course, you'll be glad you did!
Shawn Carson - NLP Trainer, New York

an example of excellence

'Melissa Tiers' Teaching Demos of Coaching the Unconscious Mind is an example of excellence. It all seems so simple and natural, that you could be forgiven for thinking that nothing special is taking place. Yet, you see people's lives effortlessly changed before your eyes. And the beauty is, Melissa's inspirational teaching ensures that you actually could do this too!

look for the effortless experts

I have a theory about the key to recognizing excellence: look for the effortless experts. When I think of the world's best guitar players or pool players, they make their art look so easy that it looks like anyone could do it.